About the Journal

National Studies Quarterly started publishingin the fall 2000 to produce knowledge about "national identity and solidarity" and also in line with plan and explain theoretical and original research in the fields of national identity, social cohesion, solidarity and national unity, continuity of history, range of cultural geography and Iranian civilization, cultural diversity and research on the components of Iranian-Islamic identity, and according to a letter to the No. 7133/3 on 13/03/2006 was successful in obtaining a Scientific-Research degree of the Scientific Publications Commission of the Ministry of Sciences, Research and technology.

Also in a letter dated 27.09.2011, No. 22017/11/3/89, the Scientific-Research degree of National Studies Quarterly was extended by the Review CommissionofScientific Journals of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

It should be noted that the Journal has been received a Scientific-Research degree to publish a special issue in the year 2012, in a letter No. 90/3/11/3064 of the Review CommissionofScientific Journals of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

 Article Submission Guidelines

National Studies Quarterly in order to generate specialized knowledge about “identity and national unity” accepts and publishes articles with the following conditions:

  1. Derived from an original research and produce knowledge
  2. Having the Criteria of scientific research, particularly from the methodological and theoretical dimensions
  3. Not published in journals, collections of articles, seminars and other scientific community earlier
  4. Articles derived from MA and PhD theses are published on condition of indicating the name of SupervisorProfessor with the author
  5. Providing according to the article guidelines of National Studies Quarterly


Article Submission


  1. Sign in to the National Studies Quarterly site to Address:


  1. Register the full profile for writers on the “Create an account” on the main page
  2. Enter the desired username and password on “Users Sign in” in order to enter the “User Portal”
  3. Login to “User Portal” and “Article Submission”
  4. Complete the tables and submit an article on this page
  5. Follow-up your article by “article search menu” in the “User Portal”

About the National Research Institute 

 National Studies Institute, a non-governmental Centre for the Study and updated knowledge of scholarly and cultural foundations, identity, solidarity and national cohesion Islamic Iranian society; it forms the central theme. The centrality of this issue Turning Personnel's working with accelerating globalization and questions concerning the plan of how to preserve cultural heritage, historical identity, integrity and protection of the manifestations of cultural diversity and national unity was formed. Institute for its various activities including problem-oriented studies and panel discussions Vhmayshhay for the realization of national and international solidarity discourse orientation put Mhvrykhvd


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